Environmental Health

Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has environmental-health professionals. Environmental-health issues with which Walsh Certified Consultant, Inc. has worked include:

Legionnaires Disease

Legionella is a ubiquitous bacteria found in many water reservoirs. When water is aerosolized, immuno-compromised individuals can become ill with Legionnaires Disease if exposed. The disease is significantly under-diagnosed and has a low mortality rate. However, when a group of two or more people are diagnosed, and they have a common location where water aerosols (from sources such as cooling towers, fountains, domestic water, etc.) were present, it may be considered an outbreak. When this happens the source needs to be identified and corrected as soon as possible to minimize exposure and building shut down. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has assisted on outbreaks and has conducted numerous preventive testing procedures.

Environmental Noise

Environmental noise is very different from occupational-noise exposure. Environmental-noise criteria are much more stringent mainly because the issue is a 24-hour concern, including times when people are sleeping. Noise sources include airports, automobiles, trains, power equipment, drilling, and blasting near neighborhoods. When buildings are constructed near noise sources, the building materials may need to have increased noise-reduction properties. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has been involved in the noise assessment and control for various projects including drilling operations, power company generators, and building near highways or busy roads.

Methamphetamine Laboratories

Meth Lab Clearance Nevada
Meth labs have become a major hazard when present in apartments, condominiums, motels, hotels, and dense neighborhoods, because they can emit hazardous vapors and fumes – and they can blow up. There also remain many hazards after the labs have been busted and the major chemicals have been removed. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has conducted numerous meth lab clearance-assessments after the remediation of the rooms or houses. Some states have their own requirements for clearance while states like Nevada do not. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., developed a method for clearance in the late 1990s due to a gap in accepted procedures. The current procedures in many states vary from one to the other and most of them only address surface meth-contamination. The method used by Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., addresses the myriad of chemicals that can be involved in meth labs.

Bird / Bat Droppings

Bird and bat droppings can have various pathogenic bacteria and molds. Diseases such as Histoplasmosis can result from exposure to bird dropping dusts. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has been involved in assisting with health and safety issues associated with various bird / bat dropping cleanups.

Norovirus, Hantavirus, West Nile Virus

Norovirus is ubiquitous and is commonly identified as stomach flu. Reportedly 20 million Americans suffer from it per year. Hantavirus is typically associated with deer, mice, and similar rodents. The hazard occurs when people are exposed to rodent droppings. West Nile Virus is associated with mosquitos in stagnant water. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has assisted with prevention and cleanup operations for these issues.

Hot Tub Folliculitis

Hot tubs and jetted bathtubs are very common in Las Vegas as well as other places. If not maintained, bacteria (Pseudomonas) can accumulate and lead to the skin condition known as folliculitis. Walsh Certified Consultants, Inc., has been involved with the evaluation and control of this issue.